Holding Our Angel

Loving After Loss


I’ve found a lot resources over the past months that have helped me in some ways. I decided to put together a list here, in case any of these resources could be helpful for you. I hope you find something helpful here. Many are Christian-based, but not all. I will be updating this on a regular basis, as I find/remember more resources. And if there is something you think should be listed, please tell me!


Short Reads:

Websites/Support Groups/Online Magazines:



  • A Bed for My Heart (@abedformyheart)
  • Carly Marie (@carlymariedudley)
  • Facets of Grief (@facetsofgrief)
  • Scribbles and Crumbs/Lexi Behrndt (@scribblesandcrumbs)
  • On Coming Alive (@oncomingalive)

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